2009(e)ko ekainaren 18(a), osteguna

2009(e)ko ekainaren 17(a), asteazkena

2009(e)ko ekainaren 16(a), asteartea

The Tigers - 6B

I feel very proud with my students' projects about their memories. It is worth to watch them!!!

The Penguins - 6B

This video is about a project my students did telling about their memories. You'll appreciate how well they did it!!

Snow Kids - 6B

Come and watch this terrific video about my students' memories when they were little!!

The Fantastic Team - 6A

You'll be delighted watching my students telling about their memories. The photos that accompany the project are fantastic!!

The Best - 6A

Our students of the 6th level, helping with some photos, tell us about their memories when they were very little.!!! It's worth to have a look!!!

Power Rangers - 6A

Why don't have a look at this video? It's about our students of the 6th level telling their memories!!!!

Angels from Hell - 6A

Let's watch the video about our students' memories!!

Dream team - 6 A

The students of the 6th level tell us about their memories!

2009(e)ko ekainaren 14(a), igandea

2009(e)ko ekainaren 13(a), larunbata

Holiday fun 5 B - 2

We love acting!! We had a lot of fun!!

Have a nice summer!!

Holiday fun - 5 B - 1

We had fun acting the play! Let's have a look!

Have a wonderful summer!
[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/HF%206B%201.flv /]

Holiday fun - 5 A - 3

What a funny summer play!!

Have a great summer!

[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/HF%206%20A%203.flv /]

Holiday fun - 5 A -2

Let's have fun acting!!

Have a terrific summer!!

[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/HF%206A%202.flv /]

Holiday fun - 5 A - 1

We like acting in plays!!!

Have a fantastic summer holiday!!!