2011(e)ko martxoakren 25(a), ostirala

Whales - 4A - 2010/11- Goizane Otegi, Iurgi Benitez and Ibai Gurrutxaga.

Is it true they are the biggest animals in the world? Look and check!

Starfish 4A - 2010/11 - Jonatan Dual, June Mateo and Ibai Fernandez.

Did you know that when they lose an arm another one grows? Read more!

Seals 4A - 2010/11 - Elene Askarai, Koldo Ponce and Urtzi Artola.

What a wonderful project on seals! Do you want to know more? Have a look!

Seahorses - 4A - 2010/11 - Eric Matondo, Garazi Urkola and EñautIruretagoyena.

What beautiful they are! Our students made a project on them! They really look like horses!!!

Octopus 4A - 2010/11 - Aritz Atorrasagasti, Oihana Conde, AdrianaSabino and Xabier Alonso.

One of the funniest sea animals. They presented perfectly!

SHARKS - 4A - Hodei Mena, Selene Marcos and Eneko Urruzuno

What dangerous they are! The project is very good!

CRABS - 4 A - Olaia Cillero, Naroa Hueso and Iurgi Mujika

Some students of 4 A made a project on crabs. Look at the fantastic poster!

2011(e)ko martxoakren 24(a), osteguna

ALEX AND PICASO - Maider Arabaolaza, Arkaitz Amenabar and Uxue Marzol

The great painter Picaso has a place in one of our comics! What's his problem?

ALEX AND COLON - Maider Oiarzabal, Ainhoa Manterola and Noemi Fernandez.

Did Colon discover America? Yes, but with Alex's help!!

ALEX AND ISADORA DUNCAN - Olatz Igerategi, Gorka Sanchez and IñakiArtola

Isadora was a wonderful ballet dancer. Let's listen to this interesting comic!

ALEX AND DANI JARQUE - Leire Izagirre, Ibai Bellanco, Uxue Santa Cruzand Sergio Sanchez

FOOTBALL! Our comic is about a footballer who played in RCD Español. Where was the piece of the staff?

ALEX AND MICHAEL JACKSON - Irantzu Zubeldia, Xabat Amilibia and AinhoaArmendariz.

Let's have fun listening to this special comic! What's Michael Jackson problem?