2014(e)ko otsailakren 13(a), osteguna

2013/14 5B - Mozart sketch - Haritz - Ane Z. - Maider

Listen to these students' voices representing a comic about Mozart.They are really good!

2013/14 5B Mozart's sketch- Izaro - Unai N. - Aizpea

Listen to these students' voices.It's an sketch on a comic about Mozart.

2013/14 5B Mozart's sketch - Ane - Unai L - Mikel

Mozart sketch really well acted by these students.Listen carefully!

2013/14 5B Mozart's sketch - June - Maialen - Odei

Listen to these students' voices! They acted very well.

2013/14 5B- Mozart's sketch - Maider - Adahi - Jone

Our students of 5B recorded a sketch about a comic on Mozart. Let's listen to them!

2013/2014 - 5B - Mozart's sketch - Jon - Naia - Jokin

Let's listen to these students. They acted the sketch very well.

2014(e)ko otsailakren 3(a), astelehena

3. maila - The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids- 2014 - 3A

Our students of 3A perfomed the play of "the Wolf and the 7 little Kids" perfectly well. They are fantastic, aren't they?