2010(e)ko ekainaren 28(a), astelehena

5 B projects 09/10

Let's watch our students projects on "Celebrity Snaps"! They are fantastic!!!

5 A projects 09/10

Our students of the 5th level made their projects on "Celebrity Snaps". Let's see them. They're great!!!!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 25(a), ostirala

SEA ANIMALS-Marlon, Maider, Irune LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch a fantastic project on SHARKS.Don't be scared!!

SEA ANIMALS-Joxe Mari, Ane Miren, Udane LH 4B (09-10)

Here we have a marvellous project on SEAHORSES. We love them!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iratxe, Aisha, Oier LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch another amazing project on WHALES!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iker, Eider, Leila LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on this excellent project about OCTOPUSES. They are so beautiful!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Ibai, Alaiz, Ainhoa LH 4B (09-10)

WOW!! Here we have a fantastic project on CRABS. They are so strong!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Garazi, Sara, Mara LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch this fantastic project on SHARKS. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Aratz,Nagore,Daniela LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on their project about whales. They're so BIG and STRONG!!!!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 16(a), asteazkena

My memories - 6A - 2010

Let's enjoy the project that the students of 6th level made about their memories! Terrific!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 15(a), asteartea