2010(e)ko otsailaren 21(a), igandea

2010(e)ko otsailaren 17(a), asteazkena

2010(e)ko otsailaren 16(a), asteartea

The Snow Globe - 5B (2) 2009-10

This play is based on a Christmas story.  The actors were terrific! Let's watch the play!

The Snow Globe - 5B (1) 2009-10

The students of 5 B perfomed this Christmas story wonderfully!!
[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/The%20snow%20Globe%205B%20-1%2009-10.flv /]

2010(e)ko otsailaren 5(a), ostirala

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 B (2) 2009-10

Another group of 6 B perfomed a Christmas story based on a reading from the textbook. They were brilliant! We all had a funny time!

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 B (1) 2009-10

The students of 6 B performed this Christmas story in the classroom!! They were fantastic!!

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 A (2) 2009-10

This is a fantastic play based on a Christmas story. The students performed it wonderfully!!!