2011(e)ko apirilaren 6(a), asteazkena

Crabs 4A - 2010/11 - Iurgi, Olaia and Naroa

Have you ever caught one? You must be careful. Listen and find out!

Whales - 4B - 2010/11 - Iker, Eider and Haize

Some are good and playful but a few of them are dangerous. Let's watch!

starfish 4B - 2010/11 - Igon, IƱaki and Ander

They are really beautiful. Do you know what happen when they lose one arm?

Sharks - 4B - 2010/11 - Xabier Alkorta, Xabier Huizi and Absalon Dual

I think it is the scariest sea animal. Are you afraid of them?

Seals - 4B - 2010/11- Iker, Aritz and Ander

Nowadays we can see them in theme parks but do you want to learn more about them?

Seahorses - 4B - 2010/11 - Garazi, Laiene and Olatz

I wonder where you can see this sea animals. Can you tell me where?

Octopus - 4B - 2010/11- Mikel, Oier and Leire

Is it the biggest mollusc in the sea? What do they eat? Let's check!

Crabs - 4B -2010/11 - Raul, Miriam, Ane and Iker

Is it true that they walk backwards? Watch it and find out!

Corals- 4B - 2010/11 - Aizpea, Eider and Olaia

Let's know a little bit more of these fantastic colourful sea animals!

WINKLES - 4A 2010-11 -Iuri, Goiatz and Josune

Have you ever heard about "winkles"? See this interesting project and let me know if you like it!