2010(e)ko abenduakren 9(a), osteguna

2010(e)ko ekainakren 28(a), astelehena

2010(e)ko ekainakren 25(a), ostirala

SEA ANIMALS-Marlon, Maider, Irune LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch a fantastic project on SHARKS.Don't be scared!!

SEA ANIMALS-Joxe Mari, Ane Miren, Udane LH 4B (09-10)

Here we have a marvellous project on SEAHORSES. We love them!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iratxe, Aisha, Oier LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch another amazing project on WHALES!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iker, Eider, Leila LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on this excellent project about OCTOPUSES. They are so beautiful!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Ibai, Alaiz, Ainhoa LH 4B (09-10)

WOW!! Here we have a fantastic project on CRABS. They are so strong!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Garazi, Sara, Mara LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch this fantastic project on SHARKS. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Aratz,Nagore,Daniela LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on their project about whales. They're so BIG and STRONG!!!!

2010(e)ko ekainakren 16(a), asteazkena

2010(e)ko maiatzakren 17(a), astelehena

2010(e)ko otsailakren 21(a), igandea

2010(e)ko otsailakren 16(a), asteartea

The Snow Globe - 5B (2) 2009-10

This play is based on a Christmas story.  The actors were terrific! Let's watch the play!

The Snow Globe - 5B (1) 2009-10

The students of 5 B perfomed this Christmas story wonderfully!!
[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/The%20snow%20Globe%205B%20-1%2009-10.flv /]

2010(e)ko otsailakren 5(a), ostirala

2010(e)ko urtarrilakren 28(a), osteguna

Father Christmas Everywhere - 6 A (1) 2009-10

The students prepared by themselves this play about a Christmas story from the book. Everybody had a funny time!!

2010(e)ko urtarrilakren 22(a), ostirala

Our friend Munchy

Hello Everybody!!

We would like to introduce you to Munchy.He is our friend and every weekend Munchy goes home with a different pupil. After that,the family  do a little report about the weekend with him and the pupil also tells the teacher and classmates what they did over the weekend.

We love Munchy!!