2010(e)ko abenduaren 9(a), osteguna

2010(e)ko ekainaren 28(a), astelehena

5 B projects 09/10

Let's watch our students projects on "Celebrity Snaps"! They are fantastic!!!

5 A projects 09/10

Our students of the 5th level made their projects on "Celebrity Snaps". Let's see them. They're great!!!!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 25(a), ostirala

SEA ANIMALS-Marlon, Maider, Irune LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch a fantastic project on SHARKS.Don't be scared!!

SEA ANIMALS-Joxe Mari, Ane Miren, Udane LH 4B (09-10)

Here we have a marvellous project on SEAHORSES. We love them!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iratxe, Aisha, Oier LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch another amazing project on WHALES!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Iker, Eider, Leila LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on this excellent project about OCTOPUSES. They are so beautiful!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Ibai, Alaiz, Ainhoa LH 4B (09-10)

WOW!! Here we have a fantastic project on CRABS. They are so strong!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Garazi, Sara, Mara LH 4B (09-10)

Let's watch this fantastic project on SHARKS. They are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEA ANIMALS-Aratz,Nagore,Daniela LH 4B (09-10)

Let's have a look on their project about whales. They're so BIG and STRONG!!!!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 16(a), asteazkena

My memories - 6A - 2010

Let's enjoy the project that the students of 6th level made about their memories! Terrific!

2010(e)ko ekainaren 15(a), asteartea

2010(e)ko maiatzaren 17(a), astelehena


1,2,3,4 eyes...1,2,3,4 mouth.....Listen to this song, it's great!!


HH4B (Go to min 4:00)


2010(e)ko otsailaren 21(a), igandea

2010(e)ko otsailaren 17(a), asteazkena

2010(e)ko otsailaren 16(a), asteartea

The Snow Globe - 5B (2) 2009-10

This play is based on a Christmas story.  The actors were terrific! Let's watch the play!

The Snow Globe - 5B (1) 2009-10

The students of 5 B perfomed this Christmas story wonderfully!!
[flashvideo filename=http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/730192/The%20snow%20Globe%205B%20-1%2009-10.flv /]

2010(e)ko otsailaren 5(a), ostirala

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 B (2) 2009-10

Another group of 6 B perfomed a Christmas story based on a reading from the textbook. They were brilliant! We all had a funny time!

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 B (1) 2009-10

The students of 6 B performed this Christmas story in the classroom!! They were fantastic!!

Father Christmas Everywhere! 6 A (2) 2009-10

This is a fantastic play based on a Christmas story. The students performed it wonderfully!!!

2010(e)ko urtarrilaren 28(a), osteguna

Father Christmas Everywhere - 6 A (1) 2009-10

The students prepared by themselves this play about a Christmas story from the book. Everybody had a funny time!!

2010(e)ko urtarrilaren 22(a), ostirala

Our friend Munchy

Hello Everybody!!

We would like to introduce you to Munchy.He is our friend and every weekend Munchy goes home with a different pupil. After that,the family  do a little report about the weekend with him and the pupil also tells the teacher and classmates what they did over the weekend.

We love Munchy!!