2013(e)ko apirilakren 21(a), igandea

The missing chapter- Maialen, Vitoria, June Montejo and BeƱat

ALEX AND AMENOBIS at the school library. The students wrote an sketch for the last chapter of the story and  then they recorded it. Now you can appreciate their work! Really fantastic!

The missing chapter - Eneko, Andoni and Janire

Alex and John Jones - Very interesting! Listen and find out! Great!

The missing chapter - Aida, Aitor and Mikel

Alex and Cleopatra - Cleopatra's dad is sick. Could they get the fourth piece of the staff? Listen and find out!

The missign chapter - Maider, Iradi and Nahia

Alex and Cleopatra - Listen to this interesting sketch! A fight! Really terrific!

The missing chapter - Unax, Maddi and June Miner

Alex and Cleopatra - Is the piece of the staff in the earring or in the ...? Listen and find out! Awesome!

The missing chapter - Claudia, Julen and Jean Carlos

Alex and Xabi Prieto. Where's the fourth piece of the staff? Listen and check out! Fantastic!