2015(e)ko ekainakren 26(a), ostirala

Sea Animals 4D 2

This is the last projectct before holidays. The students were very excited and a little nervous.

Sea Animals 4D 1

Our students have made their last project before holidays. They presented it the last day of school. They were excited and a little nervous.

Sea Animals 4A 2

This is the last project in groups before holidays. The children were excited!

Sea Animals - 4A 1

Our students made a project on Sea Animals in groups. They presented these projects the last day of the school before going holidays. They were excited and a little nervous.

2015(e)ko ekainakren 15(a), astelehena

2015(e)ko ekainakren 12(a), ostirala


Almost in every project the students have the opportunity to evaluate their friends' projects. Afterwards I collect theirs marks and give them the results. Here you can see the small classroom ceremony . Have a look! It's worthy!

2015(e)ko ekainakren 10(a), asteazkena

CHOCOLATE PARTY 2015 - 5A and 2B

Our students of 5A fullfilled their last project in English in this course. They prepared a party for the children of 2B. They wrote the instructions of the games and presented themselves.The students of 2B had a fantastic time playing with them and thanked them singing a charming English song showing their skills singing and dancing extremely well. Have a look and enjoy yourselves! COGRATULATIONS CHILDREN!!!

2015(e)ko ekainakren 9(a), asteartea

MAGAZINES - 2015 - 5A

Our students of 5A presented their magazines in the classroom. You can see them and feel how proud they are about THEIR job! AMAZING!