2015(e)ko urriakren 30(a), ostirala

Summer Letters 2015 - 4D

Hello children, THANK YOU very much for your letters, postcards and emails. You made me very happy this summer writing to me. You are VERY NICE!!!

Summer letters 2015 - 4B

Hello children, I want you to see the video I have made with your letters, postcards and emails. You made me the happiest teacher this summer!! THANK YOU very much. You are FANTASTIC!!!

Summer letters 2015 - 4A

Hello children, Your letters, postcards and emails made me very happy this summer. THANK YOU very much!!! You are TERRIFIC!!!

2015(e)ko urriakren 21(a), asteazkena

Summer Letters 2015 - 4A

The students of 4A made me very happy sending their letters, postcards and emails to me during the summer. They are TERRIFIC!!!!!

2015(e)ko urriakren 2(a), ostirala

Summer Letters 2015 - 5B

The students of 5B wrote some letters to me last summer. They were fantastic. They made me feel very happy any time I saw a postcard, a letter or an email at home.